Join us in helping improve the lives of many who are simply trying to survive life in the war torn Lavant regions of the Middle-East.

To quote a recent UN document:

The humanitarian crisis still unfolding in Syria [Lavant] will probably deteriorate in a catastrophic manner unless the global community swiftly unites and mobilizes all tools to end the nine-year-long conflict in that country, senior United Nations officials told the Security Council today.”

Below are a number of ways that you can contribute to alleviate the horrors of war, famine, and plague.

Syrain refugee family in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon (c) 2016 World Vision: photo by Jon Warren

Save on Paypal Fees!

To avoid Paypal costs (deductions in funds available to St. Rita) ‘old fashioned’ checks may be mailed to:

Saint Rita Foundation for Children
5880 South Goldsmith Place 
Greenwood Village CO 80111

Please include your e-mail on the check to receive a Thank You letter.