We are currently engaged in delivering the following projects.

  • SOS , St Rita is currently sponsoring 30 children

Food Baskets a plea for help!

During the month of July, Saint Rita distributed 5000 food baskets to various charities. Each basket contained over 14 kg (25 lbs.) of dry goods. Each basket costs $15.

This is an ongoing project that is critical to fight the current state of famine in Syria after 10 years of a terrible war followed by COVID crisis, fires, and economic sanctions.

With your help we can feed more!

The Coat Project

We are partnering with a local factory to manufacture as many coats as possible to donate to orphanages and charities and to distribute to children. These coats may be the first item of new clothing ever received by some of those children. The cost is $6.80 per coat. We need your donations. Winter is coming soon!

The Dialysis Center of Saint Mansour in Damascus

This center offers free dialysis to any patient who needs it. This service is free of charge to any who require it (regardless of religion). Dialysis is also offered for free at the other regional University and County Hospitals; however there are long waiting lists there. This small dialysis center supported by Saint Mansour Society is saving many lives. It bridges the care gap while patients await a slot in the larger hospitals.

The Saint Mansour Center has only 2 machines. Each dialysis session costs $25.  They are only able to help 4 patients per day.  We are committed to helping St Mansour purchase 2 new machines as well as covering their daily operational costs.  Please donate to this project. Each patient requires at least 8 sessions per month.  Help save a life.